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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Spend the $250 Million Powerball Jackpot

(submitted by El Barton)

10. A twinkie for everyone in the country (TBeeber)
9. Develop and market an action-figure doll of yourself. (NDB)
8. Get yourself one a' them "Pentagon quality" toilet bowls. (Ole Smoothie, El Barton, Manigabyte)
7. Buy the biggest trailer in West Virginia, and then put a new BMW on blocks in the front yard. (NDB)
6. Pay for a top-notch therapist to deal with the feeling that, compared to Bill Gates, you're still not rich. (Laffman)
5. At long last: a home-slurpee machine of your VERY OWN! (Ole Smoothie)
4. Four words: Prank call to Antarctica (
3. Goodbye aluminum siding: Hello golden siding (Prattkid)
2. Get it all in pennies and ride the horse in front of K-mart, FOREVER! (Deflator Mouse)
1. Donate it to a college. Then they can name a building after you: "Lucky Bastard Hall" (Drew_LSU)

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