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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Cell Phone

(submitted by flute fancy )

10. You can call and and say you're stuck in traffic, so your cat won't freak out when you're late. (Maniac Bob)
9. Double the opportunities to respond to wrong numbers. (
8. Because, even though one hand is putting on your make-up, you have absolutely nothing to do with the other hand while merging on the freeway. (k)
7. If you buy two, you can call yourself a moron. (Agent 43)
6. With nifty new changeable ringing tune, it's possible to have a complete concerto with everyone else when going to the movies. (Ole Smoothie)
5. Since you don't smoke, it'd be a cryin' shame to let that perfectly good lighter jack in the dash go to waste. (Ole Smoothie, Jason D. Kidd, lazyj)
4. Now you don't have to wait for Superheros changing in the phone booth anymore. (cjohnc)
3. Your carrier pigeons are on strike for "fewer messages and more bird feed." (jman)
2. You will easily recoup the cost by all those radio station "cash calls" you would otherwise miss out on. (jman)
1. To call 911 to report the person in front of you who can't control his car because he's on his cell phone. (lefty)

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