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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs School Will Be Starting Soon

10. McDonalds has help wanted signs up again. (cjohnc)
9. School bus drivers take to the roads to practice blocking traffic all morning. (JEB)
8. Seems like everywhere to try to buy one, you just can't get your hands on a metal detector. (JEB)
7. Mothers everywhere are buying champagne. (Care Bear)
6. The calendar on the wall shows it has been two and a half months since you left your room. (lazyj)
5. Fox is advertising their after-school special: When Teachers Attack Part 2. (me, not you)
4. Hanson's tour is ending cause they too have to start school (and preschool). (me, not you)
3. Gang violence down while members start "back to school" shopping. (Praxite)
2. Summer interns packing up their dirty dresses and cigars. (quickdraw)
1. That kid who won't comb his hair or change his socks, all of sudden needs 90 dollar sneakers and enough office supplies to run a small business. (cjohnc)

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