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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs This Swing Craze Has Gone Too Far

10. Your grandparents stop complaining about your music and start asking you to crank it up. (Warlok)
9. Local parent organizations are blaming the craze for the corruption of America's youth. (El Barton)
8. East coast swing groups carrying out drive-by shootings on West coast swing groups (TheRob)
7. The Macarena is starting to sound good again. (Nousferatu)
6. Your boss has added a horn section to the lunchroom. (mjolnir)
5. After scoring a touchdown, football players start doing the Jitterbug. (Cosmo)
4. While picking out apples in your favorite supermarket, you recognize swing music playing and you start dancing with the produce clerk. (cjohnc)
3. Addition of new triathalon -- Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, and Balboa -- to the Summer Olympics. (Maniac Bob)
2. People have finally stopped lying about "I always liked country", and now are saying "I always liked swing." (Ole Smoothie)
1. Gap is now claiming they invented swing music. (Jazia)

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