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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Shortest Books Ever Written

(submitted by nkdhky)

10. Law Abiding Basketball Players, 1997-1998 (the Queen of Swords)
9. Idaho: The Tourist's Companion (Chris Bird, BullFrog)
8. A Woman's Guide to Beauty by Janet Reno (opie, Donna & Charlie)
7. Iraqi Battle Tactics or Running Under Fire (Michdog)
6. Good Night Moon, abridged (FHB)
5. Do It Yourself Hairstyling for Skinheads (Ackhack)
4. Reagan's Memoirs (BullFrog)
3. What Men Really Know About Women (jdckall5, Ima2nice, jykle, PoisonIvey, Motoman, Nymph, Laffman)
2. Short Stories by Danny DiVito (Bob Clemmons)
1. Thumbtacks For Dummies (Overkill)

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