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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Phobias

(submitted by drewpy)

10. Acmedecaphobia: The fear of top ten lists (lefty)
9. Godzillaphobia: the fear that your new summer blockbuster will be an enormously expensive flop (Fluff, The Manatee)
8. Slacksaquaphobia: fear of emerging from bathrooms with a spot on the front of your pants (IOIO)
7. Gap-phobia: the irrational fear of bouncy, peppy salespeople (townkrier)
6. Porcheluminumaphobia: the fear of your girlfriend's parents flipping the porchlight on and off as you try to kiss her goodnight when returning from a date (Krass Krangle)
5. Scratchaphobia: the fear of getting that gray stuff from lottery scratcher cards stuck forever under your thumbnails (starWill)
4. Obsessispritzaphobia: the irrational fear of people in department stores that spray you with perfume (Triften Chmil)
3. Couifferusdisarraeusaphobia: the fear of being laughed at for the way your hair looks when you take off your cap (Troggy L. Dyte)
2. Pachydermatitisophobia: the fear of elephant dandruff (Krass Krangle)
1. Netlineaphobia: the fear that Ed McMahon has been trying to call your house to give you that oversized 9 million dollar check the whole time your phone line has been tied up with your internet connection (Bulllllldog)

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