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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard as McGwire Hit Number 62

10. "Wait a minute... this ain't bocce ball!" (Agent 43)
9. "Great. It's gonna be another half hour before anything happens in this game. Let's go get a beer." (Maniac Bob)
8. "I'm still pulling for the Pirates' Al Martin to catch up by the end of the season!" (NDB)
7. A loud scream of a disappointed investor from NYSE. (MAR)
6. The sobs of the lonely slob who decided to risk that trip to the restroom. (1andonlyme)
5. "I wish we hadn't paid $400 for those tickets to tomorrow's Cardinals' game." (NDB)
4. "My god I remember when he had 61 like it was yesterday" (BAV)
3. "He's still got a few more to go before he outpaces the President for the year." (Ole Smoothie, Shannara)
2. "Oh, my God...You killed Kenny!!" (Eric Cartman)
1. "Hey battah battah battah...SAHWIIINNNNG battah!" (El Barton)

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