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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You've Got a Bad Professor

(submitted by OtherBro)

10. He stops the lecture every three minutes for another bathroom break. (NDB)
9. She asks the moose puppet on her hand to solve an equation and scolds it for getting it all wrong. (Archangel.Mike)
8. The diplomas on his office wall are all from the Ponds Institute. (Stickboy)
7. Insists on covering the history of America in alphabetical order (chdb)
6. Syllabus is written in crayon on a "Big Chief" tablet of yellow lined paper. (Doody Howdiea)
5. Brags about how many of former students' pictures now appear on milk cartons. (Traznab)
4. Casually mentions that she turned down tenure in favor of a handful of "magic beans." (Insidious)
3. She has a roulette device numbered from 1-100 that she calls the "Wheel! Of! Grading!" (Archangel Mike)
2. The only thing you've learned to say in the first month of Russian Language class is "Must get Moose and Sqvarrel!" (JEB)
1. The required text for his course is called "Richard Scarry's Biggest Physics Book Ever." (NDB)

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