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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Road Signs We Want to See But Never Will

(submitted by exit 5 days ahead)

10. All drivers over age seventy -- please check to make sure your left turn signal has not been blinking for the past hour (Ray)
9. Supermodel Crossing Ahead (Agent 43, Laffman, Warlok, nicker, desire, Spring, Warchild)
8. Caution: Sign Ahead (Earl deFou)
7. Put down the cell phone, newspaper, breakfast burrito, and coffee mug and DRIVE, stupid ! (Load Warrior)
6. Yellow Brick Road and Oz, Next Left (Ackhack)
5. Manual toll:left lane      ipass: right lane      yeah, I got you 40 cents right here: middle lane (RIVER)
4. Just ask for directions you moron (Jazia)
3. Hey, you missed your exit (MAR)
2. Men not really working (Townkrier)
1. Caution: Operators of other vehicles are stupider than they appear (Archangel Mike)

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