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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs It's Time to Get New Brakes

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10. Though blasting the horn seems at first to be a suitable substitute for stopping, you find it tends to make others irritable (JEB)
9. You seem to notice the warp one light coming on when descending the Rocky Mountains. (Dennis DeYoung)
8. People fall to the ground covering their ears and writhing in pain whenever you stop. (Screech)
7. You're having trouble convincing your neighbors that the ten foot wide hole in the side of your house is "the new style". (Joe-mo)
6. After 10,000 miles that little flashing "Check Brakes" is starting to give you a headache. (Michdog)
5. You have taken the shirtsleeve off of more than one fast food drive-thru clerk in you desparate attempts to grab the food as you sailed by the window. (Kari Oakley)
4. Tired of pulling crushed Toyotas out of the grill of your Buick. (Ellusionary)
3. Your car is mistaken for a tug boat with all the old tires tied around it. (Warlord)
2. The amount of pedestrians you have to scrape off your bumper each day is phenomenal. (Smilee)
1. The state highway department is upset over the damage your anchor is causing. (Vuja Day)

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