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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons the Pope Went to Cuba

(submitted by Dal)

10. It's merely a field trip for his "Latin Cultures Appreciation" class at the 'Colegio di Comunidad di Roma.' (Ole Sparky)
9. To brag about kissing the soil in over 150 countries (DLS&SCS)
8. Tired of the communion wine and wanted some really good rum (Michelle)
7. He figured he could stuff his hat with at least four boxes of cigars. (AmandaG)
6. He really digs those 'latin' rhythms. (Ackhack)
5. To meet Castro's challenge in a no-hold's barred, 'steel cage' match (Ole Sparky)
4. He's trying to collect enough frequent flyer miles for a wild weekend in Vegas. (Farky)
3. Too hard to find a good salsa partner in the Vatican (Laffman & Daystar)
2. He wanted to test his bullet-proof limo against those state-of-the art Cuban missles. (Groove)
1. Recruiting for the Vatican baseball team (lefty)

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