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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Hired a Bad Private Eye

(submitted by iOn Barker)

10. You watch an episode of COPS and see him there naked, streaking away from the law enforcement. (AndreyZ)
9. Not allowed to cross state lines until the probation officer clears him. (Yooda Mann)
8. In high school, he was voted most likely to injure himself while opening a door. (N8)
7. Citing "conflict of interest", says that he cannot take you as a client because he is already photographing you for your wife. (@lien dogstar)
6. He often seems to forget you're around and goes into lengthy "voice-overs." (JEB)
5. No matter who you ask him to trail, he always comes back with photos of Jodie Foster. (NDB)
4. He smiles a little too slyly, and says "sure I can see what your wife is up to..." (nelsoc)
3. Keeps tailing suspects by climbing in their trunks and has had to be freed by police each time. (Yuri Ngynyus)
2. when in the presence of women, you can't help noticing he suddenly affects a British accent... (Ole Smoothie)
1. At the interview he shows up with his wrist hancuffed to his ankle. (DA maNA)

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