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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Dentist Does Not Like You

(submitted by scat cat)

10. Offers you a box of Oreo cookies while in the waiting room. (Elwood)
9. Instead of floss, he hands you a piece of steel wool to chew on. (Yooda Mann)
8. Insists on wearing a blindfold when you come in because he wants to see if "The Force" is with him. (Moochin' War Widow)
7. Tries to sell you on the idea of adding more wisdom teeth. (Laffman)
6. He uses his tooth polishing tool to see how fast he can make the pin piercing your tongue spin (Ackhack)
5. You're the only patient he uses the drill press on. (JEB)
4. Makes you rinse with tabasco sauce to "burn out all that bacteria and plaque." (Laffman)
3. Fills your top cavities with typical silver amalgam...your bottom ones with aluminum foil. (Steen Ponak)
2. Habanero flavored Toothpaste (srp)
1. Other patients: gold fillings. You: uranium fillings. (NDB)

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