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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Top Ten List Subjects You Don't Want to See

(submitted by Sky Call)

10. Top Ten Shades of White-Out (kyl)
9. Top Ten "Fascinating" Facts You Didn't Know about Zimbabwe
8. Top Ten Reasons This Is the Last Top Ten List (Suck-Up (a.k.a The Lizard Queen), Steven, Motoman)
7. Top Ten Reasons to Bid on Monica's Dress at the Auction. (Nella)
6. Top Ten Things You Should Be Doing Instead of Surfing the Internet (Libby)
5. Top Ten Episodes of "The Love Boat: The Next Wave" (TBeeber)
4. Top Ten Things You Can Do with an Ingrown Nose Hair (river)
3. Top Ten Sumo Wrestler Nick-names (Scrooge monkey)
2. Top Ten Ways to Recycle Dentures (Jenbumpkin)
1. Top Ten Signs You Don't Have Enough Fiber in Your Diet. (TBeeber)

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