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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Didn't Make The Play Audition

(submitted by CrazyPurpleChick)

10. You pompously asked, "Who wrote this drivel?" (shewins)
9. The teachers told you the Second Grade Play was only for the second graders. (JEB)
8. The director's clipboard hitting you in the head sure didn't seem like an accident. (Fluff)
7. Halfway through you realized your leotard was on backwards. (JEB)
6. To increase your vocal range, you inhaled 2 canisters of pressurized helium before your song and dance routine. (NDB)
5. Wetting your pants on command has no real practical application in theater. (Tom G. { })
4. Instead of Hamlet's famous soliloquy, you accidentally delivered William Shatner's opening voice-over from "Star Trek." (NDB)
3. They call you back . . . to tell you to pay for the donuts you ate. (HOOK)
2. The director is that girl from high school that everyone picked on and you dumped the science frog down her dress. (Jazia)
1. "O' Romeo, Romeo why fart now Romeo?" (Tom G. { })

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