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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Indications Your Girlfriend is Going to Dump You

(submitted by Dabba)

10. Your visa card and your belt both hit their limit. (Krass Krangle)
9. She's been wearing an engagement ring for three weeks, but you don't recall proposing to her. (NDB, Impulse Shopper, RAWA, Steen Ponak, B@V@aresco)
8. She just started a college course that meets seven nights a week. (Motoman)
7. She says she has to tell you something on Jerry Springer. (hook, chris billinger, Demoliton Man, BadFrogDay)
6. Her love letters come soaked in formaldehyde rather than perfume. (Prinz)
5. Whenever she introduces you it's always "I would like you to meet an old friend of mine..." (river)
4. She leaves a message on your phone and identifies herself by both her first and last names. (Kent Brockmen)
3. Your other girlfriend told you so. (Harry Cornveigh)
2. The dartboard behind your photo on her wall (Bimidji Bob)
1. Her girlfriends look at you, tilt their heads, and say "You haven't got a clue, do you?" (Superdave Sweden)

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