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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Discoveries Made By Sending John Glenn Into Space Again

(submitted by Racconteur)

10. Even though you been through space already, you still want the window seat. (sterl)
9. Found the easiest change he had to make was going to the mushy food from, well...mushy food. (Christopher)
8. You just try explaining to medicaid exactly where you broke your hip! (EnterCenter)
7. Some people will do anything to get away from lobbyists. (Antie Polit)
6. Zero gravity gives the question "Has anyone seen my teeth?" a whole new meaning. (mj)
5. NASA doesn't give senior discounts or validate parking. (Hugh Stunn)
4. Calling the shuttle captain "young pup" all the time will get you a bunk next to the exhaust fan. (Bob Clemmons)
3. When out on a space walk, black socks and sandals are not sufficient footwear (Venkman)
2. AARP frequent flier mile programs really do work. (Ted "Goosey" Galpa)
1. Space shuttle actually capable of orbiting the Earth at 20 mph with it's left turn signal flashing for the entire time. (Iggy)

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