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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are Not Ready for Thanksgiving

10. Still waiting for that turkey egg to hatch (Ichy Bodd)
9. Spring cleaning is next on the "to-do" list. (Maniac Bob)
8. Uncle Fred hasn't left from last year's gathering yet. (The NB Solution)
7. You just found the pumpkin seeds you were supposed to plant so you could bake that pie on Wednesday night. (Quiglei)
6. Your idea of a nice thanksgiving day meal: macaronni & cheese WITH catsup. (Christopher)
5. You're only just warming up to the idea of getting out of your Halloween costume. (Thomas Palsson, Daisywonderland)
4. You discover that Rubbermaid does not make a microwavable container large enough for a 20-lb turkey. (8-ball)
3. The good silver is still at the pawn shop. (The A Man.)
2. Unless it's a traditional dinner of bite-sized Snickers, you're screwed. (townkrier)
1. The guests are arriving in five minutes, and you're still chasing a live turkey around the kitchen (JEB, cranberrysauce)

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