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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Calculus Really is Useful

(submitted by Zenith)

10. Your calculus professor exclaims, "You'll use this one day! I mean, look at me! I use it almost every day!" and it never seems to dawn on him that he's a calculus professor. (Shannara)
9. If your NFL career is cut short by injury, you can always fall back on teaching calculus. (JEB)
8. It gives you an excuse to buy this really cool graphing calculator. (Raul Scoopeau)
7. It makes all that pesky algebra seem really easy by comparison. (JMC)
6. To know what the hell are all those little symbols on your calculator (B@V)
5. The time of your appearance in bankruptcy court can be calculated based on your monthly credit card bills and your plasma donation income. (The A Man)
4. Without calculus classes to teach, what else can a mathematician do? (Steve Weiss)
3. When robbers hold a gun to your head and demand cash, sometimes they'll also be happy with an explanation of partial derivatives. (JEB)
2. You can calculate how soon the beer will run out at your party if X ounces are consumed each minute and only Y kegs are delivered each minute. (The A Man)
1. You need an ice skating rink to impress people with your triple lutz, but you can dazzle them with triple integrals anywhere (Ackhack)

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