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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Advantages of HDTV

(submitted by El Barton)

10. The mesmerizing effect of amazingly sharp public channel test screens all night (JEB)
9. 2000 lines of resolution; Networks using more than 250 coming in just a few years! (Jerph)
8. Can now tell difference between cubic zirconia and real diamonds. (Implanta Mylerfajiddle)
7. HDBW (High Definition BayWatch) (Blootie and the Hotflash)
6. The large TV set hides to stain on the wall better than the old one. (Warlok)
5. The sweat will be so clear, you swear you can lick it right off the basketball (TheRob)
4. You get to check out Tom Brokaw's dental work. (Maniac Bob)
3. Able to see your house on weather satellite photos. (El Barton)
2. Now those Clearasil commercials will really pack a wallop. (al)
1. Better picture is all that's really needed to make crappy TV shows worthwhile. (Waldo)

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