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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Reasons To Get Married

(submitted by ShelahEH)

10. By uniting your 8-track collections you'll have the complete set of the Indian super-star Jemi Hindri's recordings. (DAwg NAds)
9. You need to bolster your supply of small kitchen appliances. (lefty)
8. Easier (and less messy) than chewing your arm off to get away (Petra Kayote)
7. Your mother needs something to do for a year. (jerminee)
6. The rice! The rice!! (Starvin' Marvin)
5. You and your brother are tied at five marriages apiece, and you want the family record. (JMC)
4. You need something to fall back on if your girlfriend doesn't work out. (Yeldarb)
3. Gotta do it now before all the good cousins are taken (Bubba)
2. Tired of not being able to eat a whole box of macaroni and cheese by yourself (Warlok)
1. You want to stay in the news during the NBA lockout. (JMC)

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