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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Surprise Features of the New Space Station

(submitted by JEB)

10. Turns out the "new" space station is really the MIR with seat covers and a paint job. (kyl)
9. Console has built in 8-track player! (advanced Russian technology) (Jerph)
8. Really good reception on ESPN, but they block ALL the games. (Maniac Bob)
7. An exercise wheel and plenty of straw bedding. (mjolnir)
6. Weekly maid service and trash collection is included. (Maniac Bob)
5. It's the first international space station to include an International House of Pancakes. (JEB)
4. Intermittant wipers. (Yon Jung)
3. The portion of the space station developed by Switzerland is made of a delightful milk chocolate. (Agent43)
2. Kooky "Spinning Tunnel" between "A" module and "B" module. (Boom Oy!)
1. Can lay waste to planets once it is "fully operational". (mjolnir)

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