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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Christmas Marketing Ploys

(submitted by Jen)

10. Catchy new slogan "Come on in and let us jingle your bells." (Mose)
9. Dan's Demoliiton Company. We put the "nuke" in Hanukah. (Chimerasame)
8. Thirty days after you buy them (past the return date), Furbies start reciting telemarketing pitches. (Ackhack)
7. Santa's reindeer vs. greyhounds - a Pay-Per-View racing event. (TheRob)
6. The new authentic, once in a lifetime Christmas edition of ____________!! (Derek Procknow)
5. Pokemon cookies, Pokemon Motor Oil, Pokemon window cleaner...... (Ocrist)
4. Vibrator that's Y2K ready.....if not, it's a great dildo! (alan y)
3. Santa's sleigh now driven by eight tiny Pokemon. (Uncle Yoohoo)
2. Pamela Anderson as Ms. Claus. (dihdital furdanooky)
1. New Slogan: Buy now and let Y2K take care of the bill. (Mose)

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