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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Benefits of the Y2K Bug

(submitted by kyl)

10. Government and marketers find new wealth selling stupid Y2K stuff nobody's going to care about in 3 weeks. (Y2K compliant Iron)
9. You don't feel bad about getting in "as much internet porn as possible, just in case." (sexychick)
8. No more worrying about those student loans!!! (Cisko Kid)
7. All of those college courses you flunked will now be gone from your "permanent record." (IOIO)
6. The bad news: the tv won't work; the good news: the tv won't work and there is another damn pokemon special on. (cme)
5. Tax refund before Y2K=$500.00. After Y2K=$5,000,000.00 (a.r.s.)
4. Hording food and ammo no longer seems cultish. (Polly the Polygamist)
3. Children born January 2000 will appear age 100 in social security computers and start collecting immediately. (thx1138)
2. Those firewood sales of yours will skyrocket. (lonelyto25)
1. Complete disorder and mass riots...where's my camera? (lonelyto25)

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