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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs the World Wide Web Has Gotten Out of Hand

10. Proliferation of other sub-standard internet Top Ten lists (TBeeber)
9. You've talked to your buddy in New Zealand more times in the last week then you've talked to your spouse. (sexychick)
8. There's a web site on mucus. (jakie)
7. A search for the phrase "anthropological digs of the 19th century" yields 269,412 hits to porn sites. (theopholis)
6. When hospitals put pictures of newborns on the web so everyone in the family can oooo and aaaah over the newly arrived prune-skinned, coneheaded baby (Earl 'n Edna)
5. There is a site devoted to a carrot that looks like a naked man. (Got Tofu?)
4. All of a sudden, the richest 100 Americans are computer geeks with pocket protectors and tape on their glasses. (JDAii)
3. Instead of telling a prospective date about yourself and your interests, you tell him/her to check out your Web page. (Kerianne)
2. Those annoying Ethiopian children that keep emailing you pestering you for cash (cme)
1. Slackers with nothing better to do sit around and try to make their entries onto some dumb top ten list run by two guys named Christian and Scott. (kevsback)

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