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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Valentine's Day Gifts

(submitted by NiGhtAnGeL)

10. chia ANYTHING (Poppa don' take no #$%@!)
9. A locket with your girlfriend's picture, given to your wife. (Steve Weiss)
8. A thoughtful, handwritten list of all the favors you've ever done for your significant other. (NDB)
7. His and Hers BassMasters Designer Sleepwear. (Livermort)
6. A teddy two sizes too small with a card reading, "Here's hoping you can fit in this by Christmas." (Boom Oy!)
5. "Body to Mind ---- The Jesse Ventura Story" video. (Hal 200)
4. A pink, heart-shaped box of divorce settlements. (NDB)
3. The fruitcake your Aunt gave you for christmas. (yorick (the jester))
2. Gift certificate to Victoria's Irregular Merchandise Markdown Secret. (JEB)
1. although your buddies loved the idea, she WON'T be impressed when you "Say it with pudding." (Poppa don' take no #$%@!)

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