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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Sports Michael Jordan Will Play Next

(submitted by TMC)

10. Pumpkin Chucking (PAB)
9. The all-too-famous sit-back-and-watch-the-game-and-drink-beer sport. (Jewel)
8. Intramural Tiddlywinks (Triften Chmil)
7. Whack-a-mole (Stoo)
6. "Battle of the Network Superstars" after buying NBC (John Boy)
5. Extreme Money Counting (Barry Manifold, EZ (AJ) Street, Cdat)
4. Speed Oragami (Boom Oy!)
3. Well, he hasn't really played baseball yet... (Thomas Palsson)
2. Pairs figure skating with Dennis Rodman (Sterfernerferlerfer)
1. Calvinball (The Griffon Master, RAWA)

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