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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Not to Run for President

(submitted by Jivan)

10. Because it's been your goal since birth to get a constitutional amendment making Wheat Thins the "National Snack." (Boom Oy!)
9. That "Air Force One" movie scared the heck out of you. (new mommy)
8. It doesn't pay nearly as well as starting your own Internet portal. (Wahooneb Ed. Quarters)
7. Because all you know about being President you learned from Tom Clancy's "Executive Orders." (The Griffon Master)
6. The fraternity you are rushing made you. (Boom Oy!)
5. Having to scrub all of Clinton's intern numbers off the bathroom stalls (Spot)
4. You haven't finished your "Two-Faced Slimy Bastard" correspondance course. (Starr)
3. If you won, would you want to sit in the oval office chair? (lefty's kid)
2. You might find youself up against someone much bigger then you are ... i.e. an aspiring WWF star. (S'an'n'ra)
1. Not a good place to pick up women any more (Orcrist)

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