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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rules for Eating Chocolate

(submitted by Zenith)

10. Calories are afraid of heights. So store your chocolate on top of the 'fridge, and the calories will jump out, making the chocolate healthy. (Zenith)
9. If you eat equal amounts of dark and white chocolate, it's a balanced diet. In fact, they really cancel each other out. (Zenith)
8. Do not buy Gold Coin chocolates then go to another store and try to buy more Gold Coin chocolate with them. (Jerph)
7. Turn off beaters and remove them from frosting before sticking face in bowl. (Impulse Shopper)
6. Anything bite-sized or fun-sized that is made out of chocolate automatically counts as zero calories when computing your daily dietary intake. (Art and Julie of Selleck Three)
5. Anything edible (and a few things that can't be eaten) are good candidates for chocolate coating. (Capn Quirk)
4. Refrain from consuming any confection larger than your head. (starWill)
3. When disposing of massive quantities of empty candy wrappers, hide them under the empty liquor bottles. (Impulse Shopper)
2. Chocolate and saunas do not mix. (Krass Krangle)
1. Hershey kisses usually more savory when the foil is peeled off.....especially if you have fillings in your teeth. (Poppa don' take no crud!)

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