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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things We Don't Miss About the 1980's

(submitted by Starr)

10. Having to put a blazer and sunglasses on every time you felt like wearing a tanktop (mjolnir)
9. George Bush's lips, Dan Quayle's mouth, and Tammy Faye Baker's face (Impulse Shopper)
8. Being worried that your hair wouldn't fit through a door way (hoochicoo, Tass, Care Bear)
7. Bulletproof cars that could talk and cars with confederate flags that could fly (Bonoana Rivaltaero)
6. When your big brother actually sat you down and taught you how to tight roll your jeans (Jerph)
5. The excessive amount of money bestowed upon the underpriviledged thanks to the wonders of "trickle-down" economics (DiceMan)
4. NBA stars with the butt-hugger drawers, the knee high tube socks with the thick color stripes, and usually a headband (Poppa don' take no mess!)
3. That ... thing ... on Gorbachev's forehead (Thomas Palsson)
2. Spandex Mystery Rash (aboot)
1. C:\ (The Griffon Master)

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