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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Commandments

(submitted by DAN ze MAN)

10. Thou shall always use I before E except after C. (Imaginer)
9. Thou shalt not claim any capital gains expenses carried over from the previous taxation year. (Elwood)
8. Thou shalt rest on the seventh day, especially if football is on. (buckwheat)
7. Thou shall not eat garlic & anchovey pizza before thine hot date. (lonely Mitch)
6. Thou Shalt Not Squeeze the toothpaste from the middle. (mjolnir)
5. Thou shalt not eat candy that hath fallen on the floor. (Iron Cobra)
4. Thou shalt always double down on eleven. (Boom Oy!)
3. Thou shalt dress humbly and in good taste, for big hair and plaid polyester are abominations to Me. (Maniac Bob)
2. Honor the National Bowl Alliance decisions. (Rue Hugh)
1. Thou shalt not hold your Lord God liable for any damages, material or emotional, directly or indirectly caused by the Universe created by aforementioned Lord God, nor seek warranty for faulty product. (JEB)

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