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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Move to Mars

(submitted by RAWA)

10. How else are you going to use all those frequent flier miles before they expire? (The Griffon Master)
9. Barren, rust-colored wasteland just the thing to set off the new highlights in your hair. (Waldo)
8. TCI Cable hasn't set up a regional office there yet. (Warlok)
7. Lower incidence of IRS audits. (Beaner Bob)
6. I'd like to see Jehovahs witnesses knocking on my door there! (Seventies Man)
5. It's never a bad idea to put a couple hundred million miles between you and Jerry Falwell. (Boom Oy!)
4. Number of Adam Sandler movies currently playing on Mars: 0 (Paulie)
3. Goodbye, pesky neighbors... Hello, lovable robotic observers! (NDB)
2. Just like Arizona, only without the Americans! (Ev(A Canadian))
1. Ten million frequent flyer miles, and a lifetime membership to VIP airport lounges. (Ackhack)

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