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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Dryers Eat Socks

10. Because nobody feeds them chocolate bars (Scarlet)
9. They feel guilty after seeing all those 'Got Socks?' ads. (7Iron & Bob)
8. New union contract forbids them from eating small woodland creatures anymore. (Santa E's elf)
7. They lost a bet with the washing machine. (elcapitan)
6. When they get enough of them, they'll build their giant sock machine and take over the world! Bahahahahaha. ahem. (srp)
5. Helps regulate the ol' spin cycle, if you know what I mean... (Daddy don' take no mess!)
4. Clothes dryer environmental laws are very strict. They must always leave one of every pair for breeding purposes. (Impulse Shopper)
3. Duh - for the toe jam. What else would they put on their toast? (Lefty's kid)
2. Lint fairy needs a covert supply for depositing in belly buttons (chuck "e" sans cheez)
1. Because their non-competition agreement with the washers preclude them from eating change and pens. (Warlok)

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