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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Scott's & Christian's Top Ten Pet Peeves

(submitted by SPLAT)

10. The Griffon Master's repeated attempts to bribe them with his aunt's "delicious" fruitcakes, with several fine vintages dating all the way to 1980 (The Griffon Master)
9. Microsoft's announced cancellation of the internet smell-a-vision project (Buckwheat)
8. Letterman's goons always waiting to beat them up (TheRob)
7. People asking for paper towel or religious advice (Madge)
6. AARP claims that the list is biased towards the younger crowd (Zippy Bloob)
5. People who confuse Scott & Christian for Sigfreid & Roy (Elwood)
4. Chicks who refuse to swoon at the feet of the "List Kings" (Refusus N. Dye)
3. Scott: Christian gets first billing     Christian: Scott bugging him about why he gets first billing. (ez street)
2. Top Ten List-related income: David Letterman - $110 Million     Scott & Christian - Two free beers at the campus hangout if they let the bartender's entry onto the list (Thomas Palsson)
1. People assuming they are geeks just because they have their own website (JMC)

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