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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Stupid Questions

(submitted by SPLAT)

10. What's the phone number for 911? (Lilith)
9. Did you walk or bring your lunch? (Dud the Stud)
8. Think the Globetrotters are gonna win this one? (The Lizard Queen)
7. Do you want three cents and a piece of lint? (SPLAT)
6. Do you know of any other undiscovered places? (the insignificant one)
5. On this application, where it says, "Name," do I put MY name? (Tripwire)
4. "Do you work here?" said to anyone wearing a striped vest or a pointy hat. (Dawn)
3. What's the difference between a duck? (srp)
2. Can I ask you a stupid question? (Steve Weiss)
1. Is the bus driver asleep or dead? (Impulse Shopper)

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