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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Names for Intel's New Processor

(submitted by Jerph)

10. Tweedledium III (Lilith)
9. Pentium++ (Warlok)
8. 80666--The Microprocessor of the Beast (Lilith)
7. Pentium III: the search for cash (Boom Oy!)
6. I can't believe it's not a Pentium II (7-Iron & Bob)
5. The Fantrabulous Flaptraption (Boom Oy!)
4. Pentium 2.9998 (jsg, Steve Weiss)
3. Pentium 4: A New Hope [hey, it worked for George Lucas] (wombat)
2. The Infernal Internal Intel Inside [or for short, 4 eyes] (The Griffon Master)
1. $ - The Processor formerly known as Pentium (Garren, srp)

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