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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Parking Tickets

(submitted by Superdave Sweden)

10. Don't Park ---- Just tie the steering wheel so the vehicle runs in continous lazy circles until you get back. (Retero mon)
9. Drive a delivery truck. Always double-park and leave the flashers on. (Maniac Bob)
8. Install a Ronco "Ticket-Char" 850 deg. F windshield. (Lilith)
7. Claim diplomatic immunity from the merry old land of Oz. (Boom Oy!)
6. That's easy......just remove your windshield wipers....or should I call them Parking Ticket Holders?!! (JDAii)
5. Drive-by Shopping. (Monte B.)
4. Buy a monster truck, so you can park on top of cars whose meters are already paid. (mjolnir)
3. Stick a rabid weasel under each winshield wiper. (KCSunshine)
2. Romulon cloaking technology meets American automotive technology. (Vuja Day)
1. One word: Batmobile (IcerLeaf)

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