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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons The BC2AD Bug Was Worse Than Y2K

(submitted by Lilith)

10. Caesar got really pissed off because he just finished making his new calander. (wheehoo)
9. The Y2K bug just makes it seem like it's 100 years ago. The BC2AD bug made time go backwords. (RAWA)
8. Programmers whose modules failed were fed to lions. (thx1138)
7. The highest count of Divide by Zero Errors ever recorded in history (Shaheen Gandhi -
6. Smart-alecky Egyptians rubbing it in that their hyroglyphics system allows them to delay crashing at least 34 years longer (Poppa don' take no torro-caca!)
5. Suddenly had to invent positive numbers (Maniac Bob)
4. There's less chance with Y2K that you will be nailed to a cross for believing in a certain operating system (Yeldarb)
3. Computers? Bah! When your cooking fires go out, then you start to have problems. (Shannara)
2. The only thing harder to change than embedded computer programs are stone tablets. (JMC)
1. The trains stopped running for about 1800 years. (Laffman)

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