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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons We're Sorry to See Winter Go

10. Those 2 or 3 hours of good sunlight really made us use our time wisely. (Jerph)
9. If it's no longer winter, it must be . . . construction season on the freeways! (Ackhack)
8. The dead bodies hidden under snow drifts will surface. (your mom)
7. No Fourth of July Fairy, no Memorial Day Bunny, no Flag-Dag Clause (The Lizard Queen)
6. Just around the corner: Rosie O'Donnell's swimsuit collection (MMM)
5. That close personal bond you forged with "Stu" the campus snowman will soon be nothing more than a gnarled carrot you stuffed in the freezer to use next year, and an empty six-pack to remind you of the beers you shared. (mjolnir)
4. More pressure to get off the couch in front of the TV and throw out the Christmas tree (Lilith)
3. Bulky winter clothes "even the playing field." (The Lizards Queen)
2. Three words: melting dog poop (Elwood)
1. Clinton's gonna get back into those damn shorts; we just know it. (Flapjack, quickdraw)

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