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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons We Should Change the National Bird to a Humming Bird

(submitted by S'an'n'ra)

10. Bald Eagles aren't so special. In fact, they taste just like chicken. (JDAii, Your Mom)
9. Coins would be much smaller. (thx1138)
8. An Eagle makes us look like a hardware store. (Bob Clemmons)
7. Nice symbolism in its ability to fly backwards (Laffman)
6. Because being small and agile and obtaining all nutrition from the nectar of flowers is the essence of what it means to be American. (Waldo)
5. Well, if you think beak length matters... (Impulse Shopper)
4. American males, like hummingbirds, are easily distracted by bright, nice smelling things. (Cosmo)
3. If anyone laughed at our national symbol, it could poke his eye out with its long, narrow beak. (GUNNER, Stumpy McGee)
2. Nothing is more noble than a tiny thing with a hyperactive disorder. (DA maNA)
1. As America ages, it is apropo that its symbol will no longer dive dramatically for its prey, but instead suck sap through a tube. (Impulse Shopper)

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