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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Advantages to Being in a Circus Family

(submitted by RAWA)

10. The bearded lady will always save your ass in a bar fight. (El Barton)
9. Being able to tell the teacher, "The lion ate my homework." (Impulse Shopper)
8. You never get yelled at for dangling your sister from high places. (Impulse Shopper)
7. You can run off and join corporate America. (DA maNA)
6. If you get tired of Beppo the Mime's snoring - you can just close your eyes. (Grundo)
5. No matter how many of you there are in the family, you can rest assured you will all fit into the family Volkswagon. (mjolnir)
4. Watching Mom kiss dad goodbye every morning before she loads him into the cannon and fires him off to work. (mjolnir)
3. All Spandex laundry loads (Hoverville Hank)
2. Buying Elephant-Chow is cheaper with the circus discount. (Laffman)
1. When your rebelious kids run away...they end up in medical school. (Bourns)

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