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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Gas Station Attendants' Top Ten Complaints

10. That little man in the solar-powered car who drives by every day and laughs (GUNNER, Krebs Bromide)
9. People who try to sell extra gas in their car back to you (Stumpy McGee, Lefty Fielder)
8. Bored of waiting for twinkies to expire (Beatnik)
7. Having to stand up to reach the cigarettes on the top rack (Warlok)
6. Batman always driving off without paying, claiming he has to go save the city (a.r.s.)
5. That moron in the towel who walks through the car wash (DK)
4. People who ask if they get free refills -- No, of course not! (Commander Humbert and His Musical LoveBuss)
3. The general malaise which permeates this post-modern illusion we call life (Laffman)
2. The customer who complains about the price of gas while gulping a $2.00 bottle of water (lefty)
1. Other attendants who are just in it for the money, not for the love of the gas (QBert Langley, Lefty Fielder)

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