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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Tell your Land Lady is Ripping You Off

(submitted by Diablo)

10. To save power, she requires you to use specially made three-watt light bulbs. (Chuck E. Calamari)
9. That damn pay toilet that only takes twenties. (Th Notorious D.S.C.H., That Wacky Pope)
8. "Covered Parking" means you get to park under the tree. (MphisPeach)
7. Sure there's a lot of square footage, but the ceiling's only four feet high. (That Wacky Pope)
6. The plumber, electrician and exterminator all look like the bum who sleeps in front of the building. (SnoozeBoy)
5. The bill just says "How much you GOT?" (Joker)
4. When she told you that there was pest control, she didn't mention it was the 20 cats living under the porch. (Hoochicoo)
3. When she said a northern exposure you presumed the wall would still be there. (Triften Chmil)
2. A sky light in the bathroom is actually a hole in the roof with serane wrap over it. (Hoochicoo)
1. When you complain about rodents, she makes you pay a $300 pet deposit. (help007)

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