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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Advantages To Body Piercing

(submitted by Tang Boy)

10. It's another way to cover up those tatoos (Kurt Cobain)
9. Upon seeing you, kids don't feel so bad about getting braces. (IcerLeaf)
8. Built in places for cable attachment in case you ever have to be lowered by helicopter. (Iriquadi)
7. After you remove all the rings, the wind makes a really cool whistling noise across the holes in your body. (Davy L. Crockett, John Adams)
6. Three words: Hands-free waterskiing. (Praxite)
5. Much like reflectors on bikes, drivers will be able to see you at night. (TheRob)
4. If you hang your car keys on your nose ring, they will never, ever get lost. (Carli*M*)
3. Toss your vibrator in the trash; all you need now is a good magnet. (Melissa M)
2. You can be the only person at work who can stick themselves to the bulletin board. (Mr. Lubick)
1. When buried alive during an avalanche, you show up great on metal detectors. (Waldo)

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