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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Dan Quayle's Top Ten Pet Peeves

10. Getting the complete of "Dummies" books, EVERY SINGLE Christmas! (srp)
9. Drowning his Rice-Crispies in too much milk, silencing the snap-crackle-pop. (Dougie Fresh)
8. Most of the web sites devoted to him are listed under "humor." (strrettch)
7. Nobody understood that the "potatoe incident" was a super-sophisticated criticism on the sad state of public schools. (strrettch)
6. He's the only politician who looks goofy in a plaid shirt. (Bob Clemmons)
5. The decline of strong family values in the United States today And also, when there are not enough blue diamonds in his bowl of Lucky Charms (Thor, Loki, Bob)
4. Tricky mazes on the Happy Meal box (TheRob)
3. Snobbish "Word" programs that automatically put those annoying red squiggly lines under almost EVERY word (Poppa don' take no drama!)
2. People who are surprised to learn that he was once Vice President and then ask "Vice President of what?" (Erkle Knomacs)
1. Just when he found the Persian Gulf on the map, all the excitement moves to the Balkans. (lefty)

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