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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Essential Items for All College Freshmen

(submitted by Dman)

10. Square-framed glasses, tongue stud, and barbed wire tat 'round the bicep: for the oh-so "Indie look"; and be sure to roll eyes and tell enquiring minds that you had 'em "before they were popular"... (Poppa don' take no dookie!)
9. Industrial size bottle of No-Doze. (Skipper)
8. Elevator keys and pool passes, as sold by the senior class. (Shannara)
7. Crates of Top Ramen. (got_tofu)
6. Domino's Coupons! (Cosmo)
5. Bulk Oreo cookies... great for trading, great for breakfast! (Gator (the fightin' Geoduck!))
4. Keg-tap key-chain. (Jerph)
3. Lysol for those weeks when you just don't have time to do laundry. (Brughaha)
2. 1000 pack of condoms & enough beer to actually believe that you will use them before graduation. (Chuck "e" sans Cheez)
1. Choose one: big friggin' stereo, or a good pair of earplugs. (I wanna be like Mike, but only if I don't have to drink all that damn Gatorade)

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