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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Pamela Anderson Lee's Top Ten Fears

10. Sometimes it seems that everyone is staring at her. (MEGA)
9. Turtleneck sweaters making a comeback (Wombat)
8. Someday she will not be able to fit into those tight leather suits or be able to save the world in them. (Mere)
7. you figure it out: Loni Anderson and Farrah Fawcett have both hit 50, and just look at them (Poppa don' take no nonsense!)
6. Never being able to regain her balance after the surgery (srp)
5. Breasts might suddenly become popular again. (Agent Chan)
4. Like Sly Stallone, she'll forever be typecast in roles that deliberately downplay her daunting intellectual side (Poppa don' take none...!)
3. Someone will find out the blonde hair is fake too (Warlok)
2. V.I.P. won't be as popular as that Y2K show she's been hearing about. (TheRob)
1. That isn't what TV executives meant when they mentioned "downsizing." (John Boy)

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