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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Slogans for the NBA's Half Season

10. The NBA: Still better than televised golf (BullFrog)
9. Now you only have to put up with us for a little while (Jazia)
8. It's not the size of the season that counts (Rotten Luck Willie)
7. The NBA: Where else will you find a season that's as half-baked as the players? (JW Slick)
6. Try new NBA Lite! All the salaries, half the action (Waldo)
5. Sorry we're late; the car wouldn't start (Boom Oy!)
4. NBA: The Cliff's Notes version (TheRob)
3. We're sorrier than Dennis Rodman's hair. (Eich N. Bagaraloo)
2. Just Stuff It (Euclisid)
1. NBA . . . it's fan-shafted (The A Man)

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