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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things to Do While Standing in Line for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

(submitted by Got Tofu?)

10. Offer "carbon freezing" service to preserve patrons until they reach the box office. (Brando Marlissian)
9. change undergarments regularly. . . or else YOU will be identified as the "not-so" phantom Menace. (Poppa don' take no women's studies classes!)
8. Paint your house. go skiing in Aspen, redecorate your living room and then tell the guy behind you in line that the bathroom line was just awful. (Grundo)
7. What else? Write your master's thesis.
6. Make fun of all the geeks with Yoda hats and insist that your Han Solo Haircut is way cooler. (Cosmo)
5. Set people's cars on fire and watch as they stand by helplessly, fearing they may lose their spot in line. (DK)
4. Wear a Star Trek uniform and look for trouble. (Hans Soelo)
3. Search the Want Ads for a new job, seeing that you just forfeited your current one. (Poppa don' take no women's studies classes!, lefty)
2. Tell your action figures they're so much better than the girlfriend who ditched you after the second day in line. (Dhkrsv°°rk the Vengeful)
1. Pass out pamphlets to support the recognition of light sabers by the NRA. (cougar)

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