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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Failed Professional Wrestlers

(submitted by Stone Cold Lefty Fielder)

10. The Meek Avenger (Laffman)
9. Fluffy Bunny Man! (Courtner)
8. Marshmallow Soft Stevie Sacramento (Impulse Shopper)
7. Dan, The Extremely Polite Telemarketer (Fluff)
6. Skippo the clown and his rubber chicken OF DOOM!!! (Jerph)
5. The Undertaker's 5'2" cousin who's allergic to everything (TheRob)
4. Verboso - The Man of Many Words (Laffman)
3. Elijah "The Quaker" Ducksalot (Impulse Shopper)
2. Doug "The Human Speed Bump" Jones. Life time stats: 1-203-2 (def. "Legless" Johnny in '87). Marquee Move: Lying motionless and impeding the speeding opponent. (Gator (the fightin' Geoduck!))
1. Andre the Medium-Sized (starWill)

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